Kind Testimonials From Customers
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"The Company is first class, delivers promptly and really offers some unique products and ideas
American Handgunner

"Handmade Grips has provided me with a fitting tribute and memorial to my two special friends
Guns Magazine

"They are carefully made, completely by hand, you can see the hand of the artist in each one  American Handgunner

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Kind Testimonials From Customers



That is great. Here are a few of the pictures I took with my cell phone. I apologize that the quality of the photos is not better. I look forward to doing business with you again.



Morgan Chappell, California, USA, May2015










I am joining 2 pictures of my P210 with your handmade grips. The result is fantastic (although my P210 is not at the level of the grips)

The work done is really fantastic and grips fit perfectly the gun, please use my comments and pictures for your internet site if you want,

Thank you
Best regards


Michel J., Switzerland, Mar2015








All I can come up with is WOW! You really are an amazing artist and craftsman..

I couldn't be happier and more excited about these grips. You and your family are amazing at what you do.

I have plans on having you do more grips in the very near future..

Thank you again!!



Chris Dakin, Ohio, USA, Feb2015






Hi Cenk –

Received the grips, love them!
Thank you for doing a great job and welcome to use me is a reference if you need to.

Do you feel they are pretty durable and not going to fade ware out? I carry this gun pretty often, they will get a lot of use.

Thank you!


Sergei Dreizin, Washington, USA, Dec2014



Attached the pictures of my custom competition gun with your grips.


Edson Santos, Santos, Brazil, Oct2014









Good morning Cenk,

The grips arrived this morning.
They look fantastic and fit very well.
The color of them is great too!




Robert Dea, Florida, USA, Sep2014   







I must say that the grips have exceeded my expectations.

The craftsmanship is world class, and the fit is perfection.

Thank you for a great product.

Brian Luff


Brian Luff, Kansas, USA, Aug2014   














Thank you sir, your work is amazing!


Aaron Huntley, Virginia, USA, Nov2013   














You can use any of these pictures in you ads....

Terrance Krueger


Terrance Krueger, South Carolina, USA, Oct2013   








Dear Cenk,

Thank you for the Beautiful grips to my husband. He became very happy for them. You can see on the photo how nice they are.

Finally the parcel from USA arrived.
We where so sure that your Company was located in USA.

Now when we know you are near us in Turkey we will order more grips in the future, direct and not over the big sea.

Best Regards from Cecilia and Farshad
in Sweden


Cecilia Hjertman, Sweden, Sep2013   


I received the grips! You are a true artist!
I could not be happier. I will send photos of them on the pistol.





Anthony Rossodivito, Jacksonville, Florida, USA, Jul2013   








Hey Cenk,

I received the grips today and they are gorgeous.
Have you ever done a set of grips for a Bersa Thunder .380?

Best, George




George McCutchen, Tallahassee, Florida, USA, Jul2013   









Thank you received them and they look fantastic. I am taking out this weekend to give them a try. Thank you again.

I look forward to doing business again



Ted Davis, Colorado, USA, May2013








I have recieved the grips and they look amazing. My father loves them.

Thank you so much. Look forward to working with the company again in the future.


Annalee Deleon, Washington, USA, Apr2013








Good evening!

Grips for Desert Eagle arrived!

Excellent job! Thank you for your professionalism, reliability and accuracy of the object. I am very happy! Thank you!

To reward your work I am sending you some photos of my weapon with your grips. Fabulous!

Authorize, where appropriate, the publication of the photos on your website.
Good luck and see you soon for new orders.

GianLuca, Pisa, Italy, Mar2013



Received today. Nice work.

Thank you.


Bruce Smith, Louisiana, USA, Mar2013












Attached see pictures of the custom grips installed (finally!)

I absolutely love them, they look fantastic on the finished gun.

Thank you again!
I look forward to working with you again.


Anthony Lewis, New Jersey, USA, Feb2013   








The grips looks absolutely beautiful.
You can not beat the world class craftsmanship that have been put into these grips.

They make a beautiful pistol look absolutely stunning.


Anthony Bailey, West Virginia, USA, Jan2013







Here's how they looked on the gun...

VERY nice!


Bryan Rose, Texas, USA, Jan2013









Grips arrived 12/31. They are perfect!
These are for my wife, the art teacher. She gives you an A+!!

Many thanks!
Sugar Land, Texas


John Wolfe, Texas, USA, Dec2012
















Cenk, the grips arrived and they are beautiful. They are more then I could hope for in grips. Thank you so much, they are something that my boys will appreciate long after I am gone.

If you ever need a reference, please feel free to use me for the quality of your work and the integrity of you standing behind your product.

If I ever retire, I may want to represent your company at gun shows in my area.
I know people are sometime cautious to deal with a company out of the country; but if they ever saw your product in person, they would buy.

For my sons, I wish to thank you...Ralph


Ralph Trango, North Carolina, USA, Aug2012



All I can say Cenk is WOW!

The artistic workmanship in my new grips is self evident and they are just beautiful.

May peace and happiness fill your life and the lives of your family & countrymen.

Thank you so much and may God bless us all.


Rick & Cheri Evan, Oregon, USA, Aug2012









I got them, thanks. The walnut is more durable? I like them, they do look good. Great job! Any advice for caring for the wood?


James Benoit, Pennsylvania, USA, Jul2012













Cenk, I received my grips today and they are absolutely outstanding. The badge looks much better in person than in a photograph.

Thank you very much for being patient and making such amazing grips for my pistol.



James Mills, Benbrook, Texas, USA, Feb2012





Great job on my new grips!! I believe this is the first set you ever manufactured for the new S&W Tactical 1911.

I received them 19 days after placing my order. Great job guys.


Richard Buche, Strafford, Montana, USA, Jan2012







Cenk here on these two Colt pistols you can see the last two grips you made for me. The Police grips came out perfect just like I ordered.

So far four of my Colts have your grips and I will continue to use your grips for the rest of my collection.

Great Job. Thanks


Steve Van Hook, Haledon, New Jersey, USA, Dec2011








Dear Cenk-

Please find attached photos of the your custom grips installed on my Ruger Blackhawk.

The fit is superb, and your attention to my request for expedited delivery was very much appreciated.

Many thanks for a quality product!


David R. Henderson, Spicewood, Texas, USA, Dec2011








Hi Cenk, My father received the grips today. His response: Absolutely Amazing! The photos do not do them justice.

He is very happy and says you did a fantastic Job, he says he can even live with the minor flaws like where the silver is still showing from behind the gold (Cenk,don't let this bother you. he is very critical. The first thing out of his mouth was "Oh my God, they are beautiful.")

Thanks to you and your people for a marvelous job. These grips will make our heirloom project a true master piece.

Once we receive the guns back from the engraver I will send photos to you.
I will be sure to tell every one about you and your company. It has been a Joy working with you to bring this project to life.


John Rogers, Seymour, Tennessee, USA, Sep2011


Mr. Gultekin,
The grips are better than I expected - beautiful work! Thank you.
Have attached a photo. Sincerely,


Michael Neely, Lancaster, California, USA, Sep2011









Hi. Mr how are you doing today ?

I got the grips this morning and they look and feel very nice thank you very much am very happy .


Samir Said, Muscat, Oman, Sep2011









Dear Cenk,

I got the grips today.
I'm speachless. They are beautiful.
I have never seen anything like this work. I have been shooting Cowboy Action matches for 12 years. I'll show them off at the next match. Look for more business!

Thank you so much,


Robin Beissell, Fairchance, Pennsylvania, USA, June2011





Patricia Hawkins, USA, Feb2011










hi, its Ian

thank you so much, my grips just got here and they look great. i am very very very happy with the work, and thank you for answering all my questions i had before and during the production of the grips. i will definitely be making more orders from your company in the future. here is a picture of the grips on my 1911, they look great. thanks again for the great work.


Ian McCoy, Union City, California, USA, Feb2011







Here are the grips on the other side of the EMF Hartford SAA. I plan to do a side-bar article to go with a test and evaluation I'm doing on the Freedom Arms Model 97 revolver - I think it will work in well as this is a premium revolver and these are premium grips!

William Bell - Contributor
Harris Publications, Inc.
"Bravery is not the absence of fear, but the willingness to overcome it."


William Bell, Indianapolis, Indiana, USA, Feb2011


I just received my new grips and I cannot believe how beautiful they are!  I love seeing the design that I created in intricately inlaid Brass and Silver!  Your artist exactly duplicated the very complicated design I sent flawlessly!  I just can't get over the quality of the work you put into these, and I received them unbelievably fast for custom art!  Thank you very much for creating something that I will treasure till I pass them on for my son to treasure!

Here are some pictures of my gun with my new handmadegrips on it!  If you can wait a couple of days, I have a friend who is a professional photographer and he is promising to take some better pictures.  I will send you a few copies.  I am a CHL instructor, and I'll be sure to mention to my students where they can get grips that will make their firearm truly unique!

Thank you again for the INCREDIBLE grips! Please feel free to include any part you like in the testimonial page.




Samuel Herren, Houston Texas, USA, Feb2011

Mr Herren ordered ACO17 with customized logos.






I love my new grips, I would definitely recommend your grips to any one who is interested in honoring someone special.
Thanks, Mike



Michael Jacobs, Ohio, USA, Feb2011

Mr Jacobs ordered ACO11 with photo enamel.







I just wanted to send you a picture of the grips that you redid for us. We appreciate you taking the time to refinish and refit them just for our P226. My husband is elated! We love them so much and cant wait to take it out to the range! We just purchased a shot gun and will be buying more guns in the future so expect us to be customers again.

It was great working with you guys. You do amazing work. Thank you so much!
Julie and Bryan Garcia


Julie and Bryan Garcia, Sacramento California, USA, Jan 2011 

Julie ordered SS21 as a suprise present for Bryan.



I just want to say the grips look beautiful.You made them exactly as requested and they fit perfect right down to the ambidextrous grip safety notch. You can use the photo and the letter if you wish for your Customers Testimonials.



Steve Van Hook, New Jersey, USA, Oct2010 

Mr Hook ordered ACO17 with Colt logo in Silver .







As you requested, here are some photos of the grips you made for me on my Kimber 1911.  They look very handsome.  The craftsmanship and artistry is terrific.  I'm quite pleased.

Thank you the very prompt service, and wonderful craftsmanship, Cenk.



Barry Brierley, Ohio, USA, Sept2010 

Mr Miller Brierly ordered ACO30 with our classic design fillers .







Customer TestimonyGot the grips. They look and feel great. I will definitely be making another purchase soon.
Thanks again.


Scott Miller, Florida, USA, May2010


Picture gallery of BE76 contains all the pictures provided by Mr Miller.








American Handgunner Magazine - Roy comments


As the editor of American Handgunner Magazine in the U.S., I get exposed to a wide range of custom grips from all makers around the world. While many are top-notch and of fine materials, even they can be predictable at times; and while they may be beautiful, they are still simply re-makes of classic designs.

When I discovered Handmade Grips I knew I was onto something truly unique! The two sets made for me to honor my position with American Handgunner and with the logo of my home (SUMARO House) are, simply put — stunning!

The careful handwork is self-evident and evokes a time when custom craftsmen devoted hours and days to a task to assure perfection.

While a CNC machine can turn out a predictable product, sometimes you want something different, unique, something unlike the norm, unlike what is usually found — something to create a memory, and to honor a time and place.

The craftsmen at Handmade Grips are commended for their devotion to their art, their read-willingness to create a design to a customer's desires, and to deliver them in a timely manner, with customer service as their top priority!

Well done! All success to your endeavors — and to your craft!



Roy Huntington
Publisher and Editor,
American Handgunner Magazine, U.S.A, Feb 2010


Picture gallery of  CO27 and CO33 contains all the pictures provided by Mr Huntington.



 "Hi Cenk,

My Dad is EXTREMELY pleased with his new grips.  They are BEAUTIFUL works of art!  They exceded all of our expectations. 

He has shown them to many friends/family and they are all amazed by the detail, artistry and workmanship. 

He got 2 sets of grips so that someday he can pass them on to my 2 sons.  Personalizing them with the grips makes them an heirloom that can be passed on for generations. 

After seeing the grips, I think my brother would like to order grips from you as well.  Thank you for allowing us to give him such a wonderful Christmas gift.

We would highly recommend your grips to anyone looking to personalize or enhance the beauty/value of his/her handgun.

Thank you again.

Kindest regards,  Kay Hickey & Dieter Mohnsam"

Kay Hickey, Ohio , USA, Feb 2010

Picture gallery of CO28 & CO30 contains all the pictures provided by Ms Kay Hickey.


Actual customer picture - diamond grip



 "... I now have a one-of-a-kind pistol. Sending you a few pics of complete package.

You have my permission ot use these pictures any way you please. 

Thank you again. And thank you for the outstanding grips.

Kind regards, James Lowry."

James Lowry, Tennessee, USA, Feb2010

Picture gallery of BE73 contains all the pictures provided by Mr Lowry.


"Hi Cenk, 

I received the grips in perfect condition.  They are absolutely beautiful.  I used to build replicas of the old Pennsylvania rifles and I have done silver inlays as well as gold and silver wire inlays on many of them.  I know what is involved in doing this type of work better than most people as I have experience in doing it.  Your craftsmanship is the finest I have ever seen.  The quality of the silver wire inlay is unbelievable. 

Please feel free to post my comments on your web site.  I have traveled all over the world and I am always looking for hand crafted objects.  I have been hand crafting things myself for over 40 years so I truly appreciate things of beauty.  Your grips are true works of art and I will be happy to help you get the recognition for them that they deserve.

Thanks again for a beautiful set of grips.

Dave Lyons"

Dave Lyons, Ohio, USA, Feb2010

Picture gallery of CO29. contains all the pictures provided by Mr Lyons.  


"Hi Cenk,

Thanks for the grips I receive today. They are fantastic. Look the picture attached.

Best regards. André."

André Henri Subil, France, Jan2010


Picture gallery of  DE45 contains all the pictures provided by Mr Subil.