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"The Company is first class, delivers promptly and really offers some unique products and ideas
American Handgunner

"Handmade Grips has provided me with a fitting tribute and memorial to my two special friends
Guns Magazine

"They are carefully made, completely by hand, you can see the hand of the artist in each one  American Handgunner

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About Us

    We are the masters of creating top quality handgun grips fully customized with your own images and words made of silver and bronze to meet highest expectations. 

    Our web site has an easy self-design option on every grip page that you can enter your personal words and images along with your order in seconds. Then your personal images and words are shapen, cut, engraved and inlayed to your HandMade Grips by hand from silver or bronze same as you instructed, special only for you. 

    Each order is held carefully, appreciated with a personal approach and results with TNT Express delivery to your door within 15-20 days. If you are not happy with the grip, you can return the grip in 10 days for your money back.

    Please check some of the unique grips we made at the Grips Store and order the favorite design in your mind on any grip page. We will make your dream grip come true...

     In detail We are a medium-sized family business with nine artisans who specialize in creating high quality, fully customized, handmade handgun grips and gun engraving. We serve locally since 90's and began to serve to USA and Worldwide customers since January 2008 and delivered abroad over 5000 fully customized grips. Our production is based on 2000 ft2 covered area with CNC cutting, inlaying, laser&hand engraving and finishing studios together.

     The idea of handmadegrips.com occurred to me when I was studying in New Jersey, in 2003. I made some very good friends in the States and had a wonderful time there. I always remember the experience with great pleasure. After becoming aware of the fact that the American people share the same love for gun engravings and custom grips like in my home country, I decided to extend our historical family art to people on an international scale.

     So we have built a practical web site that has an easy self-design option on every grip page that you can enter your personal words and images along with your order in seconds. Our website is connected to PayPal by Secure SSL system for all orders that is the most secure and fast way of money transfer worldwide.

     Following your order, We shape, cut, engrave and inlay your personal images and words from chosen precious materials like silver and bronze, one by one. Our twenty years of experience results in a unique piece of art that will be a source of pride for you (and for us) for a lifetime. Your unique logos and words are inlayed to top quality Turkish Walnut, Rose or Plexy as grip body which is shapen by CNC Milling ensuring flush fitting to all gun models. The new grips are all fine for daily use, have a life of five years of consistent use, and, if properly cared for, last much longer. 

     Please check our Grips Store and let us make your handgun highly personalized, by using our simple online customizing service. Just tell us what your dream grips are, and we will make your dream come true...